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Hamradio news...

You can listen in MP3 format to the news or you can read it as TXT
at Arnewsline.org or read it at Southgate Amateur Radio News, or listen to the podcasts from ICQ hamradio podcast. Find the latest contesting news at Contesting.com or WA7BNM Contest Calendar or find your QTH locator at F6FVY's website.

Tech news...

Find tech news at Slashgear or find more information about Viruses, Hackers and Spam at Securelist. Technews for chick's at Chipchick.com or look at Geek news central live podcast. Want to know more about networking? Try www.networkworld.com/ or find a new server at Serverwatch.

Space news...

GRAIL Spacecraft goes to the Moon. Read the latest news from ROSCOSMOS in English. Have look at Nasa TV or find info at Encyclopedia Astronautica. Build your own nanosat and get your stuff from cubesatshop.com/.

Pirate news...

Mediumwave, shortwave, FM or TV pirates you will find it at HFunderground or The Free radio Network or listen to the latest on The PiratesWeek Podcast find out more about pirate radio at Radiofab.com or the famous Anorak Nation or read the radio history of Amsterdam at CQ3 meter.

Media news...

Read the latest from the media on the Media Network or Adweek or Disaster and Emergency Information in the World or Science Daily.

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Media Network
Software-Defined Radio
World Wide Internet TeleVision
ATV repeaters
Radio Amateur WEB TV.

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My news...

My special website Hamtwitter.net is closed. Twitter changes its search-widget so it is not possible to extract data anymore. No problem, it was going to happen so the experiment was closed. Moving on to new experiments for hamrado :-) [20102018]
Football is over and I made some QSO's with R18-stations and FIFA-stations in Europe. No awards but a small stack of QSL-cards. Next was the IARU-contest and also there a couple of HQ-stations. [21072018]
Just for fun I bought [Euro 12.40] a small 70 cm handy, Zastone V77. Took me two weeks to program due to the USB-serial software. Not user-friendly in config the FIFO-buffer but I got it working :-) Now I have 16 channels on 70cm with repeaters.[24032018]
Woohoo I now have more than 1000 subscribers on YouTube.com ! Thank you all ! [10022018].
I made a new YouTube movie about my new QRP TX, it is called "The Walnut TX". The website Hackaday.com made a item on it, and the crowd goes wild :-) [26002017]
I'm on Twitter... not tweeting to much but reading all the stuff you boys and girls are doing... Look me up on Twitter.


Test transmission podcast robot-voice :-)

Best 73's, PA3DMI
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